Import csv file based on journal names in ax 2012


I have a csv file where the values will be

Journal name,account id,credit,debit,transaction date

CR-payment 100001400 500 1/1/14

CR-payment 20002 500 600 2/2/14

Gen jnl 10000 800 900 3/1/14

Gen jnl 10000 400 500n9/1/14

i want to import the lines based on the journal names…like 1 two lines will be created in payment journal…other will be created in general journal.i.e based o the csv first column

any ideas will be appreciated…

Journal names resides in ‘LedgerJournalName’ Table and there you find the field ‘JournalType’ which tells you the journal type for the corresponding journal name. So while inserting the record in ‘LedgerJournalTable’ try to fill in the same journal type in this table from ‘LedgerJournalName’.