Import Budget from Excel

I was trying to import a Budget from Excel. If no dimensions are used then it works fine.But, when you try to use a dimension and export budget and then change values and import it back into Attain it does not work. I tried to look into the code and I think the problem is that it is not able to pick up the dimension value from the excel spreadsheet. I have’nt been able to solve the problem though. Just wanted to check if anyone else ran into the same problems and if so how does it need to be fixed. Thanks, Anu N.Anu

I’ve been able to do this fairly successfully. Try to export the spreadsheet with a dimension. It will show you the correct spreadsheet format. I did run into problems if my dimension or account number began with a zero. Navision/Excel was cutting the leading zeros off. But with just two code changes, I’ve fixed that. Just be aware that might be a problem.

Let me be more specific as regards the problem. I have set my Global Dimension 1 code as Department. Then when I export the Budget I specify the Budget Filter and the Department Code filter(which is the Global Dimension 1 Code)as ‘ADMIN’ and the Budet Department Filter is also set to ‘ADMIN’, then I export the Budget. The excel spreadsheet has Export Filters in the first row and the Budget Name and Department Code in the second and third rows and then the list of account exported. Export works fine I have no problems. But, when I try to change any Budget figures and try to import the Budget by specifying the worksheet and workbook names(I do not have the option to enter the Department Code here). Then I get the error message ’ A filter has been used on the Department Code when the Budget was exported. When a filter on a Dimension has been used, a column with the same Dimension must be present in the worksheet imported…’. The excel spreadhseet has the name of the Department. I am kind of stuck with this problem and not able to move forward. Any input would be really appreciated. Thanks, Anu N.Anu

If you look on the options tab of the batch job “Export Budget to Excel” - you’ll have a place to specify column dimensions. You have to choose the dimensions that you are specifiying data for. On the spreadsheet that is created, you’ll have a column for Department and/or project. Then you have to specifiy what dept/proj each line is in reference to. This should take care of your problems.

Thanks a lot Daniel, that was a great help. N.Anu