Import and read Excel AX 7


i have a requirement to import a excel sheet into AX 7.

does anyone have idea about it???

kindly suggest me your ideas on this.



Can you elaborate your question? Can’t you use data management?

Hi Martin,

thanks for your reply, my requirement is export excel into AX.
i want to do this using code only, if you ask why? i dont have answer, its one of requirement i got.

when i import a excel file, tat will stored in Azure blob, tat excel values need to be read by code.


It’s difficult to tell you the best way if you don’t tell us more about your requirements. If you don’t understand users’ requirements by yourself, you don’t have a good chance to meet them, therefore the right course of action is a better analysis instead of jumping to coding.

Regarding the import itself, I suggest you create a data entity for your custom tables and let the data management feature to handle the import.
Regarding automation, it depends on where the Excel file lies, most importantly whether it can be reached from Azure, or you need to actively push the file to Azure.

Hi Martin,

thanks for your response,

i have a custom table, tats related to my client daily wages details, client will provide the data as excel file, that need to be import into AX via code either manual import or batch process, is it possible???

i agree with you, i can create data entity and do the process via data management as well

Yes, it’s possible. But I can’t tell much in addition to what I already said, if you don’t tell me anything more specific about your requirements and problems.
If you agree with me that Data Management in AX 7 already supports import of data from Excel files, what else do you need?

Hi Martin,

i am sorry, just i got a full update my requirement.
its a flat file, contains information about vendor invoice or customer invoice,
that i need to be import into AX 7.

i have seen one of your post to upload and download a file into azure, i want to know how to read a file from azure

thanks in advance


Again, use data management to import data from the file. You don’t have to care about implementation details of the file upload (explained in my blog post), because it’s already implemented by data management.

When saying “i want to know how to read a file from azure”, you again forgot to explain where you file is located and what problem you have with it. Please, explain in detail what you’re trying to achieve; I can’t just guess it.

Hi Martin,

sorry for the late request,

my flat file will be like below,


in the above 2 lines consider field 1 as character 1 from 7,
field 2 from 8 to 20, field 3 from 21 to 27, field 4 from 28 to 31.

would data management support these kind of data format??

I would have to look into AX, but I expect that fixed-width text files are supported in the same way as in AX 2012.
Note such a text file isn’t an Excel file (.xls/.xlsx), so you obviously changed the topic (you originally asked how to import an Excel sheet).

Hi Martin,

sorry for the improper requirement, that time my requirement was not finalised.