Import a Forecast


May i know how can i import a sales/ purchase forecast? I do refer to AX 2009 help file.

Path: Inventory Management Module>Periodic>Forecast>Update>Import forecast form.

But then, i could find the navigation path in my AX system. Do i need to install demand planner? What is demand planner? Do i need to purchase license?

Please advise.

Thank you.


Demand Planner is/was an MDIS, you need to purchase it and install it. However this does not answer your question, that depends on where you read this - in the help file? From where the general help menu as the local path does not exist indicating it is not installed.

I loaded in the ForecastSales and ForecastInvent tables using Definition groups for a Sales forecast. I am getting Planned orders generated when running Forecast/Master Scheduling but for some reason the forecast records are not visible from the Sales forecast form itself. Strange.

Michelle from memory this is not a single table import, the forecast of sales and purchase nets off and this is used (I think)