Implementing zup files for roaming users

I have recently heard mention of a way of using a batch file which can be used to capture the Windows user ID, then call fin.exe/finsql.exe with an override to the appropriate zup file for that user, the theory being that the zup file can then be stored on the server and the users can roam between different pc’s but always be assured of having the same settings. Has anyone else got the relevent batch file script that they could post please?

If you set up roaming profiles you don’t need to bother since Navision (in later versoins) stores the zup in documents and settings and therefore the zup is roamed. At least this works fine when using load balancing citrix servers, but the same should apply for pc:s

…but if you run an older version, you may use this: start fin.exe servername=NaviSrv,id=\ServerDomain\ServerFolder\UserSetup**%username%**,TempPath=%systemdrive%\Temp_Navi,Nettype=Tcp,company=myCompany Put in your own server-data (name, domain, folder) etc.

Easier is ust to ma each user a “home” drive. Say H: then just in a fin.exe shortcut, change the source to C:\Program files\navision\fin.exe id=H:fin.zup though I think its personal preferences. I personally do NOT like roaming profiles in Windows, though with Citrix its not a problem.