This is as regards the Navision Server Implementation .In the Installation Documentation para ‘Publishing Navision Server in a Windows 2000 Network’…In order to connect various clients(win 2000 LAN Network) to the Navision Server we are getting a lot of problems…on running the schemaXt.exe we get an error message saying “Active Directory functionality is not available”… Any help at the earliest would be highly appreciated Regards Abhilash Chatterjee V2 Infotech

Did you configure Active Directory in your Win2K Server?

HI, the active directories are very much essential to control security in Navision installation. read more in the documentation provided on the CD when after the Attain training in V2. Regards, Dharmendra Desai

HI! u need to configure active directory service for win 2000 server, from menu>Programs>Adminstrative tools>Active Directory …and then run schemaXt.exe which will automatically publish Attain in ur Network… regards,