Implementation steps

Hi all! I would like to have your ideas here: Mu customer will implement inventory and Jobs and I would like to know how is it possible to do that Steps by Steps? Is it possible ? If yes, what could be the steps? We are invoicing through GL accounts and we are using FA. Facts: Now all jobs are created. ( Jobs card only, no budgets…) Gl accounts are used now. No inventory set uphas been done, no items, etc… Thanks for all your ideas.

Yeah, this is something that would help us too. We’ve done couple of implementations ourselves and the results are getting better every time.

Hi Shanna, Jobs and inventory are two diffent things, on a job you can consume Items, and use them in your jobs. Your post give no idea at all as to what you want to do with jobs, and how you want use items. Can you please post a specific question. i.e. which part of implementing jobs is causing you problems. Definitely there are many issues in using items in jobs, (FIFO and serial numbers, flash warning lights for example), but unless we know what your exact issue is, its hard to help. And we do want to help.

Ah so this expalins a little more detail. [:D] This I assume is a copy past from a customers system requirements. I was assuming that you had a specific issue or problem. THis look more like you haven’t even started yet. The terminology (work cards) isn’t Navision, so its probably still in the clietns local lingo. This requirement is not simple, even though I am sure your customer will think it to be “pretty standard” It will involve a number of sessions sitting with your client, andalysing needs, and designing a specification for enhancements, and usage, as well as procedures to train them. You are looking at days of analysis and design here, not somehting that can be covered in a few quick posts. I am also guessing here that this will be your first time implementing jobs. Never a good thing. I am sure you can get help here with specific issues, but to get a full design proposal via a BS is not going to work. It MUST be done with direct contact to your client, that really means that you to are going to have to sit down and learn jobs. Or outsource this to someone else.

OK! I will then see if someone else has better things to say about that. Thanks anyway.

I am sure you can and will get lots of help on MBSOnlie for this requirement, but you need a starting point. You need to sit with the client, and try to use base navision to solve their issues, then each time an issue can not be reolved in Navision, you need to either design an enhancement, OR develop a work around procedure. The list you posted here has a lot of issues, but since it is a client spec, we can not know what the client means when you say for example “Work Card”. You need to sit with the client and translate Work Card into Navisionesse. (Yes I can try to guess what a work card is, but I’d probably get it wrong). I know that you want a magic wand to wave, but its not that easy. Work with Navision, work with your client, get these specs clearer in terms of Navision requirements, and each of these steps can be resolved, but you can’t expect ot copy paste your cleints wish list, and then get a simple solution. Lets go step by step and we will get there.

OK, those of you that think I’m going mad, and am now replying to myself, I am starting to believe it myself. [?] Shanna had posted hat I guessed was a cut and paste from a client spec/wish list for their Navision implementation. It was too big not to notice. Shanna did you delete it? [?]

Hi David! Oh what’s happen there my posting has disappear and it was not " a cut and paste from a client spec/wish list for their Navision implementation" [:(!] but my understandings of customer needs. I though I could get some ideas in this part of the forum. Anyway I will try to re-write that and if someone can come with some ideas , it could be helpful. Thanks