Implementation of Relationship Management

I am in need of some information regarding anyone’s implementation of 3.70 Relationship Management. We are currently evaluating the use of RM for our company. I would welcome feedback from anyone who uses it for opportunity and campaign tracking as opposed to just a phone book. Thanks

AH Ok, I see. This is where this question should be. Posting twice really does not help, all it does is breaks up the threads, so that you really dn’t get the sort of replies ou want.

MOVED HERE… I first implemented Relationship management back in 95, (DOS on 3.55 it was an AddOn back then) And the thing I loved from the start was the use of campaigns and opportunities, and especially the ability to do some great perforance reporting. (i.e. what was the success of my campaign, how much revenue did it bring me). The thing is that yo need to swpend a lot of time playing with the base functionality, and get to know how to generate and use campaigns. Some of the nie gadgets like Outlook integration etc. are fun, but first get to understand the core of comapaigns, and you will get a lot of value out of the Granule. PS this should not be under development, try to use it out of the box first without any mods. PPS Devon you should delete the other thread.