Implementation of Navision 3.70 with WMS

Hi All, I found this forum on the internet, and it looks very good. I already learned a lot by just reading old post. But I counldn’t find an answer on the question I have for you all. We are implementing Navision 3.70 with WMS. I am looking for some reference numbers (e.g. processed saleslines / purchaseline a week, number of users, Database size, etc) from other similar projects. We will be processing close to a 100.000 orderlines a week and I am wondering how well Navision is going to handle this. Is this number an average of an WMS implementation or is this close to the maximum? Any input would be highly appreciated. Marco

I think it is Quite a lot but your maximum mostly depands on the database and server you use. I think Navision Native database will not handle this but SQL with GOOD server will.

What is your defenition of a GOOD server, with this amount of orderlines?

HI Marco I presume you have one now. [:D] If you are still creaking on the old server have a look at some of these postings: I am also sure an official minimum requirements document can be obtained from Microsoft.