implementation manuals

Can u provide some navision implementations setup manuals. That means how to start project. what is first step. who collect master data and openeing balances. like that i want detailed implementation manuals. I hope microsoft had released that one. If any body have this manuals please provide.

If u any URL plese throw it to me

i hope u can send this manuals.

Hi Austin

And welcome to the user group. I hope that you will find what you need here. But I also hope that you will write a little introduction about you self in the Introduction Forum. The members here like to help you, but it’s always easier to help someone if they know a little more about you. Reading your little post here make me think that we here have someone who have never done a NAV project before, and maybe even haven’t had any training. Am I wrong?

I can only recommend that you look into getting the basic Microsoft Dynamics NAV Certifications before starting your project. There is much more about that in the “NAV certification” forum.

But otherwise I can recommend one of our members online NAV book: http:/

In Partnersource or Customersource you have NAV Manuals. Don’t forget that the best way to begin learning Navision is with someone with experience in that field. Start in Navision world by taking training in several courses available from Microsoft Training Partners.

Thanks to everybody,

I know little bit about navision.Icompleted navision introduction exam. I am trying to learn navision deeply. . I saw that wiki.dynamicsbook .But i want the implementation process book. How to start. what is the first step, next… I want detailed explanation book.please throw if u have any url or manuls.

thanks and regards