IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE (Functional not technical)???

Dear Experts, Can anyone tell me where can I find or download the entire Check list for implementation of NAV i mean like an IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE (Functional not technical)??? This is may be like a guide for us to see where we stand in accordance to the SET UP??? Or should I prepare it all by myself? Plus if it available with the microsoft website can I get the link? Regards Shilpa

In Navision 4 there are two ways * Setup Checklist in Navision * Industrial Templates to help you setting up Navision properly.

It’s coming It’s coming …

I have a dream of a book going live [;)]

??? Are you all trying to tell me that there no such thing available as yet??? Shilpa

Exactly, not as far as I know. But … … that is exactly what you learn in the Dynamics NAV training courses held by Microsoft. You might also find some old (2.0 or so) printed manuals in your company. These might also help. I mean they do not include all the new fancy functionality of the later versions but give you quite a good idea of how the system works. I mean a customer is still a customer [;)].

Well… i don’t think so cause after a week long search I happen to get a good IMPLEMENTATION guide (Functoinal) in Partner source – Microsoft website today… though the info is limited it’s more than sufficient cause one can surely develop from that litle source of info. After all Something is better than nothing. Thank you all!!! shilpa

Sorry I have been very busy int he past month, so I havent updated my book. As of this weekend, updates woill again be made once per week. If you install RSS you will get the latest updates.