Implementation and training manuals


Can anyone direct me to on-line free manuals/training tutorials/video tutorials on implementing AX. For example I am now setting up trade agreements and have no basic manual to understand the process so I am just fishing about on the system and on-line for help. There must be official documentation somewhere right?

Also - we will need to create a company specific training manual to roll out training to all staff (in back office as well as in retail outlets/sales people). Does anyone have any ideas of where I could get examples of manuals people have used - or would anyone be as kind as to share their own.

Many thanks,


Hi Will,

I assume you are a customer. You have to sign up for customer source. All training materials including online training is available there.

Regarding specific training modules, I doubt anyone would share their materials. There are some organisations who specialise in developing and delivering such training documents.

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Hi Will

You can use the task recorder as a starting point and construct your own personal manuals around that!