implement microsft dynamic nav

Please can any one help me i want steps of implementation of dynamic nav such as(1-accounting 2- )to end

from any departement can i start and from any departement can finish and how i know that implementation result is true or false

And how do you expect THIS can be answered in ONE SINGLE forum post ???

Well, I’ll try - start from the begining, go further through all necessary steps until the last, and then you’re done [8o|]

Implementing an ERP system is a little bit more complicated task and needs knowledge in many areas - I can’t write here something kind of a bacon and eggs preparing recipe of a dozen of steps… And even if I could, it would be useless without necessary knowledge - you’ll no understand a single instruction step…

You should find a partner who can help you out.

And the first step to make bacon and eggs is to get a chicken and a pig. So its a lot more than 12 steps. [:D]