Impact of migration

Hi guys! I need your ideas here. I have a customer who want to go phase by phase on their ERP implementation. Phase 1: Migrate all purchasing that is not related to inventory means: - Gl transactions will be done for every thing not keep in inventory. Phase2: Integrating Inventory in ERP which will affect · Planning (Inventory requisitions) · Purchasing · Inventory management · Receiving (Inventory & Customer parts) So my concers are: - Actually " Average cost " is used in their system and they will want to use “FIFO” once in Navision. What is the impact on migration? All items set at same price on day#1 of phase 2? What about the uncosted items on day#1 on phase 2 where all inventory items will be in Navision. Thanks for your ideas.

This will work fine, so long as they keep track of the payables, and handle the GL at the time of phase 2. Its actually a great way to get the users trained witout overloading them with the entire system. At the time of phase 2 there will be no inventory in Navision, so do a physical inventroy and bring everything across at average cost. Set the itmes cards to FIFO, and Navision will just assume the initial average cost as the first FIFO layer, and all will be sweet.