ImgScan Implemented

Ok, I realize twain is a bad idea, but call it a hobby. I have a real scanner on order, (HP 8290c), and I’m tinkering. I want to get my scanner to wake up and feed me a BLOB. Even send a document scan to a bmp that I can convert to pdf and suck into Navision behind the scenes would be okay. I’m playing with a little HP3330 (Multi-Function fax, copier, printer, scanner) and I have the Automation Control “Kodak Image Scan” responding to some OCX commands as shown below: CLEAR(scannerauto); CREATE(scannerauto); scannerauto.ScanTo(1); scannerauto.FileType(3); scannerauto.Image(‘C:\Temp\TempFile.bmp’); scannerauto.MultiPage(FALSE); scannerauto.ShowSetupBeforeScan(TRUE); Ok := scannerauto.ScannerAvailable; scannerauto.OpenScanner; Ok := scannerauto.ScannerAvailable; scannerauto.ShowSelectScanner; scannerauto.ShowScanNew(TRUE); scannerauto.AboutBox; scannerauto.ShowScanNew(TRUE); Ok := scannerauto.ScannerAvailable; scannerauto.StartScan; CLEAR(scannerauto); The routine runs up until the StartScan command and then produces the following error box: "Cannot scan due to missing or incorrect version of the 32-bit TWAIN software. For additional information, search Help for ‘Scanner, Troubleshooting’ The About Box shows “Kodak Image Scan Control version 5.00.5160” and the test system is Windows 2k, SP4. The scanner works as a TWAIN source for other Windows Apps. Has anybody done this before?