Hey, I want to insert a bitmap that is greater than 32 kb (the maximum in Navision). They said to me that it can be done with a BLOB object. Does anybody knows how this works ? Thx Steve

Look at the picture on the Company Infomation table/Form for an example of how to get a picture in a field/Display it on the screen. To show the picture on a report, remember the CalcFields. Chris.

Hi Steve, in the article-file there is a field called picture(Bild in german), which is a blob-field. Here you can insert with - a report e.g. - ‘bild.import(name,dialog)’ an image; name = path+name of the image, dialog = true, than you get the question: Do you really want to… Set dialog to false and no dialog-window appears. Edited by - Quasimodo on 2002 Jan 26 07:58:39