Image displaying in NAV 2015


Need to display the images in NAV 2015 reports.

Problem is happening is that whenever print the report with filtered record then it display image properly for that record but when print without filter then it print the same image for every records displayed. Image is printing on Page Header.

This is document report printing based on line items entered in sales order.

Does anybody have encountered such problem or any suggestions how we can show image based on record ?


Without knowing it exactly, then I would try to have the image not be in the header.

Hey Erik,

I will make simple that can we change Page header image automatically based on line records ?

It shouldn’t be impossible. Are you using the same method as on invoice/credtmemo document reports? Transferring the image to the header from the body using code?

where are the images stored. in the (sales) lines ? per item? in the (sales) header record ?

what you need is, dynamically load the new image in the trans header fields (fields, that are shown on pages > 1).

The Images are stored in Item table and I am using page header and not the trans header

Is it available in any standard reports ?

so the report is based on dataitem Item und you want to print out a couple of items incl. image in the page header, one item with data per page ?

The report is based on Sales Line but the images are stored in Item Table .

in standard reports the images are loaded in trigger oninitreport (calcfields). in your case you need to load them for each record, so in trigger sales line onaftergetrecord (or maybe onpredataitem).

you may find that link helpful

could also be that you should completely remove the page header and use only the body area. then set the image field on the very top of the body.