Image Display in Navision 4.0 Sp1

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Client requirment I am trying to display the scanned images of PO on the vendor forms .As the size of the scanned images is in MB’s which will unnecessary grow the database size so I created one field on Purchase header which will store the path of the images(store on different server/Machine).

Now the question is How to display these images using picture box usng the path stored because it is not stored in DB(BLOB ).

Kindly help as it is urgent.



The question I have is why do you need a copy of the po saved as a picture?. Nav saves all that info already.
In fact you say you’re keeping the link of the “po picture” on the Puchase header of the po you have a picture of???

Anyway why not use The Links feature to link to these “po pictures” when they click the link the pict should open.

Or you can use Hyperlink(‘po picture path & file Name’);


It is a business requirement as every time we need to search all the relevant information manuaaly by searching files located in godown which is very tedious and time consuming .So we scan all the bills pertaining to the vendor and keep on the file server.

Anyway my problem has been solved.