Image Control in display method

Hello All,

I need to show set of image in of the column in report based on another column value of table.

Image columns need to bind with display method as image is runtime based.

need steps to do above.




what kind of images do you want to display?

any bitmap file.

Size of image will be as small as possible.

Image is just a indicator for certain value of one the column of datasource for report.

Eg. if InventTableModule.PriceQty > 10 → image 1.



image extension will be… any image provided by UI team ,

The display method must return binary data (typically as Bitmap EDT). Save those images to database or as resources and load them in the display method as binary data. Look at company logo if you need an example.

Another example in \Data Dictionary\Tables\InventQualityOrderLine\Methods\showDocHandIcon, and look into that how this has been used in quality Orders

Hi Martin,

How to use the Resources for images to display on the report?

Please help me out.



murali, is your question still about MorphX reports in AX2009 as the original question? Do you want to use AOT resources or embedded resources?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for reply,Actually my requirement is i want to upload the image into axapta and i want to display that display on the report.

I am using 2009 reports.

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And what exactly you need a help with? How to read a file? How to save it as to database or as a resource? How to read it from from DB/resource? How to display in a report?

Did you already look at examples mentioned above?