Illegal operation of Attain 3.10a overcomed

I had installed Attain 3.10a on several workstations with database at MS SQL. Some of them (win95&98) failed to conect to server: first client starts OK, then after password entered application just crashes (“This program made illegal operation and will be terminated.”). Investigation made discovered that problem was in Microsoft DLLs: - sqlsrv32.dll - odbc32.dll. Attain 3.10a works well with version 3.8, but crashes with 3.7. I’ve put 2 dlls in Navision directory and everyting worked fine.

It is not a good idea to place these shared OS components in the Attain folder. Instead, download and install MDAC 2.6 or 2.7 on the client, from the Microsoft web site.

Yes, it was a quick and dirty method. I believe that in next Attain releases MDAC will be included in installation set, like they have done with MAPI.

MDAC has always been installed with Financials/Attain automatically by the installation program (current, with Attain 3.6, MDAC 2.7 is installed). However, there is no accurate way to version check an MDAC installation (this is documented by Microsoft) and the installation program is tying to do this to see if MDAC needs to be installed. This means MDAC may not be in some situations.

Navision Attain 3.10A doesn’t work on Win 95 clients. R u sure that u were able to connect and work using Win 95 client even with copying those dlls. Regards