ILE - Adjusted Cost (Qty.)/(Invoiced Qty.) fields

Hi, Can anyone help me? Just upgraded a client from Navision 2.6 - 3.70 and they are now complaining that non of their bespoke reports based on the ILE table are working, I’ve looked into it and the fields :- Adjusted Cost (Qty.)/(Invoiced Qty.) no longer exist and I can’t seem to find where they’ve been moved to as they are not in the value entry table either, has anyone had a similar problem and if so did they find a solution? Any help in this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Mike

Try Cost Amount (Expected) and Cost Amount (Actual) on the Item Ledgers (They are flowfields). They should do close to the same thing.

Try the Cost Amount (Actual) and the Invoiced Quantity on the Value Entry tables. One of the things that I had to modify the most during upgrades was the old reports using item ledger to have it go to Value Entries.

Thanks Guys, I’ll give it a go. Cheers! Mike