If I remove the Tariff Number from an item card

Will this prevent it from being reported on Intrastat as I need to stop this happening… Thanks

Hi Andrew,
No. But it would allow to filter on items where the Tariff Number is blank and delete them from the journal.

I think a better way would be to put items not to be reported, into a different product posting group, and set a filter to exclude these items on the report.

What if I remove the Country/Region Code so that this no longer appears on Item Ledger Entries ?

I thought it was specific items you wanted to avoid in the report? Or is that another question?

The intrastat report will only include ledger entries from countries, where the intrastat code is not blank.

Hi Erik, I have a customer who has setup carriage as a stock item and has reported that it is appearing on intrastate journal so to stop this my understanding is that the report only looks at Item Ledger Entries where the COuntry / Region Code is not blank. So my plan was to stop this by removing the Country / Region Code from the item and also from the existing ILE’s to stop further reporting ?. Many Thanks for your help

The Country/Region Code is not on the item card, it’s the country/region code from the sales/purchase/transfer document which used as the basis for the item ledger entry.