If at all possible?

I need the functionality of a search button on the customer card, I was thinking of adding a command button and some how forcing Ctrl + f to the keyboard buffer in the onpush event. Does anyone know if this can be done?

I think it would be possible to write a OCX which would send the keys you need to Navision. I used something similar for a Navision-scripting-tool some years ago. With C/AL alone it is not possible.

I was just playing around with your problem and found something which could be a solution: Create a variable WSH of type automation, subtype Windows Script Host Object Model.WshShell Write this code in the OnPush-trigger of your button: CREATE(WSH); WSH.SendKeys(‘the keys you want’); IIRC the syntax for alternate-, control- or other special keys in the SendKeys-Method was {CTRL},{ALT},{F1} and so on, but I’m not shure. Anyway, when using {CTRL}F as string, I get a internal error (10 in 45), but with {F1} or plain text it works fine. Maybe you get this working. If not, it is at least a neat solution for using some functions Navision has connected to the F-keys via C/AL. Last edit (I promise!): send this string for CONTROL-F: ^f

In control Customer, you can create a new option with your new functionality. In column ShortCuyKey, put Ctrl+F (not Ctrl+f) Salut!