IDMF - no administrative rights


I installed IDMF on our Demo-Machine as Administrator. The Setup on this machine is a Win7, Dynamics AX 2012 and a MS SQL 2008R2 Server.

The installation works correctly without errors. We have a produktive and replica database, and the two databases created while IDMF install process. My user has server-roles as sysadmin and public. My user also is db_owner and public member of all these four databases.

The postinstall setup also works without erros. But when i start the application i get an error that i dont have administrative rights to access the IDMF.

The Services run as Administrator (my account)?

I would be thankfull to any ideas to solve this error!



No Ideas?

Same install-process works fine for AX09 [:^)]


I have problem as well. Everything install correctly, I even have a session opened in AX from the Buisness Connector and this message raise “missing administrative rights on Data Management Framexork”

I installed the IDMF Beta 2.0. I’ve check everything and I’m administrator of all the deployment as I’ve done all with the same account.

If you find a solution could you advise ?

Best regards

Hello, found the issue. In AX there is a class used to check if user is Administrator. But unfortunalty it is only for en English implementation as it is looking for ‘System Administrator’ that may not match with the langage used for your implementation.

Hope this help.

Best regards