Idle User

Hi, How can we find the idle user? We are using Sql server option. Thanx Rajan Chadha [:)]

Ideal user[?][?][?] What do you mean???

Sorry it’s IDLE User Rajan[V]


Originally posted by chadharajan
Sorry it’s IDLE User

Too bad. Had you really asked for the “ideal user”, we admins/developers/vendors would have had a great opportunity to crack some user jokes [:D] Hey, wait a minute, got an idea… Anyways, do a search for “idle” in the forum. There are some threads mentioning SQL options and third-party software.

ExpandIT will be one of those third-party software solutions. I thought an ideal user was someone sitting in front of a computer but unable to use it because the sys admin had tied him/her down to the chair… [:D]

We have a tool that shows idle users and close them automatically. Check here:

Or you could just use the sql server enterprise manager and KILL [}:)] the damn user! [:D]

Beware though, if he`s the IDEAL user you have to protect him, not kill him. They are very rare these days…[:p]

‘Ideal User’ - definitely an oxymoron! (Rather like ‘military intelligence’)[:D]

An “Ideal user” is per definition a dead user. There would be no point in killing him [8D]

I thought that the Ideal user was just a myth, like unicorns… :stuck_out_tongue: