Idle sessions not killed in NAV 2017

Dear All,

One of the client of mine needs to the sessions to be killed after idle timeout of 2 mins but after all necessary setups in NAV 2017 Administration, the session is not killed.

The point that shocked me is if the user stays in other pages like any card or lsit pages, the idle session is killed automatically.

But when the user stays in Search bar in top right of RTC, the session doesn’t get killed.

Has anyone faced this problem earlier? If yes, your suggestions and feedback would be valuable to solve the issue.

Thanking you,


Hi Suman,

I have not experienced or tested this my self. But I have seen it reported in other posts here on DUG. And of course

So it seems that it may be a general problem (unless of course your client is the same as the person asking in the other post).

My suggestion to you is to test this out in a “clean install”, using both the NAV build similar to the one from your customer. If you are able to recreate the same issue here, then try again with the latest build. If it works ok with the latest CU, then your problem is solved.

If it still doesn’t work, then should report this as an error to Microsoft.