Identifying tables related to forms

Dear Pros!

Quite a rooky, I have a simple question.

When I look in a specific end user form how can I identify where the data came from the database.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best, Ian

Right-click a field, choose Personalize (assuming you’re in AX 2012) and you’ll see information about the source of data (table and field/method) in the System name field (assuming you have permissions for development).

You can also switch to the Information tab in the Personalization form and click Edit beside the name of the form. It will open the form in AOT and you can review its datasources and everything.

Hey Martin,

thanks for the quick response.

It’s exaclty what I’m looking for. And yes, I can access AOT.

To be more precise:

I want more Information within ledger voucher. In other words: I want to know which debitor or creditor is related to a Transaction. Actually I only see the legderaccount for AR and AP. How can I link this Information to the ledger voucher.

1033.Ledger Voucher.pdf (146 KB)

I don’t want to modify the Standard view. I just want to run the querry directly and analyze it with XLS.

And the next 2 question:

a) How can I see how tables are related between each other. Is there a function to see it like a tree?

b) Do you know a good tutorial (pdf) where this database structure topic is explained.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best, Ian

from transaction origin and original document you can drill through to the origin and the source document.

here is a link to see the entity relationship diagrams

Great, great, great.

Thanks alot. Is the Diagramm similiar if I have 2012R1. I assume: yes

Almost similar

But why do I don’t find the “LegderTransVoucher” there?6787.LedgerTransVoucher.pdf (116 KB)

Ok, thanks.

But why do I don’t see the “LedgerTransVoucher”?

7573.LedgerTransVoucher.pdf (116 KB)

…or is this “trans” only used to fill the data into the form?!

What does that mean?

Im reffering to this link:

I see a couple of tables related to the General ledger. But I was wondering why I dont see the “LedgerTransVoucher”. I assum, that the LedgerTransVoucher is only used to gather the data for the Formular, right?!

it is a form.

Thanks for your help today. It helped alot!!! Best, Ian