Identifying code?

Hi Guys,

How would you go about identifying in which object/function a piece of code is executed? For example, I need to find the code where the Posted Warehouse Shipment Header is created when posting a Warehouse Shipment?

Could I maybe put an error msg. somewhere or maybe deliberately make something wrong to the Posted Warehouse Shipment Table so that it will give me an error?




Either switch on debugger and follow it through or follow the process trail via object.

The former is probably quicker but I usually follow the latter. Bit painstaking to do


Thanks Neil! :slight_smile: Yeah, that’s actually what I usually do, but it seems unnecessarily time consuming… this is why I’m thinking there has to be a better way. Back in the days you could switch on the code coverage and then you could search through all the code it went through but this seems not to be possible on RTC… :frowning:


And yet they say Dynamics Nav gets better each version that comes out. [:)]

Personally prefer Classic (you can do so much more!!) but our client base is now half current versions (v2013, v2015) and half old versions. Still got 1 client on v4!!


Are you running NAV 2009? Then you can’t use the debugger in RTC. But if you have the classic client, then you can run the debugger here.
If you have the debugger in your version of NAV, then the best way to go ahead is to set some breakpoints in the code you know, and then just go forward, setting breakpoints as you go along (so that you easily can rerun your test).