Identify a Customer as a Supplier

Hi Everyone! Actually, I am involved in the implementation of Navision Financials 4.0. There are lots of requirements from our client about which we are still unsure about how to proceed. Is it possible to identify a customer as a supplier also in Navision? For instance, our client wants to obtain a warning,while making a payment, that this supplier is a bad debtor. I hope I am clear on this issue. Please reply as soon as possible. Thanks and Regards Beatrice.

You can use contactmanagement to link a customer to a vendor. If you don’t have that, you should create a new field “Customer No.” in the vendor-table (or “Vendor No.” in the customer-table) to link a vendor to a certain customer.

Hi Beatrice, there is no standard function in Navsion to do this, but its not a huge mod to make. Get your development team to look at the issue, and if they need pointers, they should post questions on , but you need to expalin to your client that this is not a standard feature.