idea for add-on ?? Pop up Reminders

Does anyone know if any current add-on that would allow you to schedule a pop-up reminder that could be user, record, date & time set like what we do in Goldmine, Act, Maximizer etc. Any ideas?

I created a button on the Sales Quote form which launches Outlook, creates a task with reminder automatically set for (2) weeks later (to follow up on the quotation). I assume this is similar to what you need. For more info, check out “”.

A quick-and-dirty solution of a pop-up reminder could look like this: 1) Create a table to keep the reminders (userid, date, time, reminder-text etc.) 2) create a function (codeunit) which regulary checks this table 3) call this function in the OnTimer-trigger of a form which is always open. Like form 330. You might also create a new form which is hidden and is being started during login (codeunit 1) Marcus Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872

We’ve written an alarm feature that works much like ACT’s. When you log in, it checks your login against the Salesperson table in Contact Manager. If you have Activities listed that are due but not completed the Activity list pops up. If you’re not in the list or don’t have any pending activities, you just go to the splash logo menu normally. You can contact me at