ID conflicts when importing model store


Recently I export model store from souce database and import it to target database. The importing operation was aborted becasue ID conflicts detected. I don’t understand why this happened. The target database is brand new without any customisations nor configurations. Both database are AX 2012 RU7. In theory I should be able to import model store without any trouble, but this is the the case.

Can anyone help me out?


AX 2012 uses installation-specific IDs. If you have two separate installations, their IDs are not compatible. It seems that it’s your case - you’re trying to install a model store with different IDs, therefore your new application wouldn’t be compatible with the current database.

Install a database compatible with the application, i.e. the database from the source environment. Or if you don’t mind inconsistent data, overwrite the model store despite the warning.

Hi Martin,

Can you please tell me how to install a compatible database? I found manuals for installing AX database, but it doesn’t say how to install a compatible one.


Move code and database together instead of using another database.

Hi Martin,

But I do not want to move dummy data to target server. If I move database from souce server to target server, dummy data is moved as well. Any way I can avoid it?

It sounds that you actually don’t want to copy the compatible database. If you want to install code to another environment, with different IDs, you shouldn’t copy the whole model store. Model store is moved with IDs and your target database use other IDs, so it wouldn’t work correctly. Install only the model with your changes (if you already have the model, overwrite it). It will reuse existing IDs and assign new IDs when needed.

You should now stop and learn how deployment and IDs work and plan you processes before you get into more serious troubles. Ensure yourself that you understand what’s in Deploying Customizations Across Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Environments.