IC Automation

Hi ppl, Would be grateful for your help with the following:- I’m currently trying to automate the Intercompany functionality of v.4 for v.3.70. The automation of the process is not the problem but my client requires the IC Inbox Transactions to be emptied when a user logs into navision. I currently have the code to run this functionality from a single menuItem but need to fix this to the logging in of the user. Please advise if you can. Thanks in advance for your help. Tony

Hi Tony, Take a look at function LogInStart in Codeunit 1. You can put your code here. If you want the codeunit to run continously while the user is logged in, then take a look at how the codeunit E-Mail Dispatcher is handled. This codeunit is started upon login and then run every 30 seconds or something as long as the user is still logged in. /Daniel