i want to view account balance(tatal balance in trial balance)

hi all !

how can i view account(main account type - total) balance in the trial balance?

few weeks ago, i made COA - total : Cash

and, i made some balance account : Cash01, Cash02

and two COA(cash01, cash02 / main account type - balance sheet) are linked to the Cash account(cash, main account type - total)

i wanted to view the account balance, and i clicked the trial balance.

and i knew that cash is not view in that screen.

i just view the cash01, cash02…

so, i want to view the cash(total)

please, help me…


the account type is total but have you click the set up button on the chart of accounts form to range the two cash accounts?

If you’ve already done what Heylin had said, go to Trial Balance in Reports, select the ledger account of the cash total. It will show the total of Cash01 & Cash02 if you had properly linked these accounts with cash total


I’ve linked the Ledger Accounts to Total type.

But while printing the Trial Balance I want the Linked Accounts and Total type Account to be grouped together.

Any possible way?? Please let me know…