I want to show Shortcut dimension field in Gen Journal Template and Gen Journal Line

I have created a new field Shortcut Dimension Code In Gen Journal template and when i select any value in it same value should be displayed in field Shortcut Dimension Code in gen journal line

What is the problem now?

That would require coding, on new record of the page/form

In Dynamics NAV you have the ability to setup 8 different dimensions as Shortcut Dimensions. Of those two are used as Global Dimensions and can be used directly in most pages like customers, vendors, items etc.

But all 8 shortcut dimensions can be used directly from the general journal lines. You just need to use the Choose Columns (in RTC/NAV 2013) or Show Columns (in Classic versions).

No need for programming, unless the new dimension is above the 8 defaults.

User was saying he create a field in “Gen Journal template”, so he maintained a value there, when he use the template to create a journal, he was expecting the value to be defaulted as what he has set in the “Gen Journal Template”.

Unless I understand him wrongly…

I think you’re right, I didn’t see the “template” in the question. But in that case then development is required… [:)]