I want to mantain the preferences in the columns of Invoices or Orders

Hi All,

I want to mantain the preferences in the columns of Invoices, when I go to
Sales> Order Processing> Order, I show the column: VAT Posting Group, but the next day when I open again navision, preferences disappear, you know why?

When If you are using classic client then when you done these changes these changes will be saved in .zup file and when you are existing navision then system will ask for replace .zup file then it will save your changes in that file.

Hi Amol,
The problem is that the preferences are not save in zup file, because every time that I use navision, I have to add the preferences again. But you said that I have to save this zup file after i change all my preferences and the next day this file I have to replace the new zup file?



The system will not ask you to replace the zup file. It will save it automatically.
(You only get asked if you had multiple client instances open that use the same zup file.)

There might be a number of reasons why the user preferences are not saved.

Ad hoc I can think about:

You have no write permission to the folder where the zup file is stored.

There is something wrong with the file. Locate it on your hd and delete it.

There are customizations made to the form that prevent it from keeping the settings.

This sounds like a permissions issue.

You need to check with the IT admin where the zup file is stored and if you have permission to change it.

There is another possibility in that your Windows session may be created new each time you turn on the computer, if the zup file is stored in a folder in that session, it will always be the original so nothing you do will be saved.

You should have a network path for the zup file to allow it to be changed and not refreshed by you logging on to Windows.