I want to display the Item Image


I want to display the Item Image from the Item Master in Purchase order Report for AX2012 SSRS report.

Need help thanks in advance for valuable comment.

Add the following lines in the RDPclass where item is inserted.

EcoResProductImage ecoResProductImage;

RecId ProductImage ;

Refrecid ProductImage1;

ProductImage = Inventtable::find(purchPurchaseOrderTmp.ItemId).RecId;

ProductImage1 = docuRef::find(Inventtable.dataAreaId,ProductImage).RecId;

select ecoResProductImage where ecoResProductImage.RefRecId == ProductImage

|| ecoResProductImage.RefRecord == ProductImage;


(purchLineAllVersions.WI_DisplayImage == NoYes::Yes)

Hi Shabab,

I am new to AX2012 and i have the same requirement to display the item image in Purchase order report.


I need to add your code here and which field i need to add in purchPurchaseOrderTmp table it would be helpfull if you can share your code what you did.

Appreciate thanks.

Hi Syed,

Nice to see your question… I need your suggestion regarding matching images to items in ax 2012… what will the way i.e we have around 13k items and so 13 k images are there and what is the best way to match my requirement? Your help is greatly aprreciated



Hi Syed,

How we can display inventory location image in AX 2012,