I want to add new storage Dimention

Dear all,

The following storage dimensions are available in Base Axapta product ,I want to add 6 th storage dimension.I gone through Base product but it is very confusing.please anybody help me to add new storage dimension.

  • Warehouse
  • Batch number
  • Location
  • Pallet ID
  • Serial number

Any kind of help will be highly appreciated.


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Hi Shaburuddin,

We nead more information really in order to help you.

The standard dimensions are pretty complete and remember you can rename primary dimensions to ‘fit’ your own needs if necessary instead of creating new tables in the AOT.

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Well, you need to do a couple of steps in order to add an Inventory Dimension.

And you need programming to do it.

There is actually a document that explains every step, but I seem to have lost it somewhere. :frowning:

First you have to add the field into the table InventDim.

Then add it to the FieldGroups into InventDimensions and InventoryDimensions.

Then add your field to the DimIdx index of InventDim table.

Relations if needed (if, for example, they are not set up on the EDT)

Then you have to modify some of the methods on InventDim. I can’t remember which of them - try going through all of them - I think you will know where to add your code.

After that modify the macros InventDimJoin and InventDimSelect

After that you will have to do a search on all AOT searching for InventDimJoin or InventDimSelect or InventDimDevelop.

(Because on some of the forms you will have to add your field to the corresponding field group manually)

I thinks that’s it.

If I do find the document I mentioned earlier, I will upload in here as well.

Good luck!

Dear Kashperuk,

Very thanks to gave couple of steps in order to add an Inventory Dimension.I gone through those steps,But I am not able to do programming to do it.I was confused where i have to write code. As you mentioned about document that explains every step.If You send that document, its very helpfull for us.

This is an urgent task for us, so please find ASAP.



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Well, Here is all I found.


There was a more detailed document, as far as I remember.

Here is a link on TechNet (which doesn’t exist any more).


But, the pdf file with most of the technet topics is in the download section of this forum.

So you should check there and make a search on InventDimDevelop, for example

Hope this helps!

Dear Kashperuk,

Thanks for your support ,With your Information ,I added New Storagge Inventory Dimension Successfully.



Shaburuddin | Dynamics AX Consultant | Hyd | India | +91-09885776135.

Hi Guys, This post was defenitely helpful in understanding how to add new storage or item dimensions. But I need to know whether after this is done, has it caused any problems especially with Inventory Closing ? Is the practice of adding new dimensions recommended and safe ? Need advice on this Thank and Regards, Yusuf Mukadam Microsoft Practice Manager Soltius


If you change any setup or dimension whle in operation environment, you have a chance to have some weird stuff hapening [:)]. At least on your data.

For example, in term of pricing and costing, if you change or add a dimension, your posting can be different, the production cost calculation can be different, your item cost / price can be different…

Just evaluate what will be the impact and where they will occur… and at the moment of closing you will know what to adjust to have coherent results.

Just keep in mind that when changing a parameter, you have all your setup that can be impacted… Usually it is not recomended to change a parameter when you are on operation… but sometimes you really need. At that time, be sure to know what will be impacted…