I used Silverlight SlSvcUtil tool to generate Proxy file to consume dynamics web services

I used Silverlight SlSvcUtil tool to generate a Proxy file to consume dynamics web services.

But I faced w tricky problem that I Cannot send CallContext to my web Service during development.

Anyone Can Help me Cuz I am a .net Developer, I am not a dynamics developer.

Are you sure you want to use Silverlight, the deprecated framework that was supported on only a few platforms? Didn’t you find anything non-deprecated that would meet your needs?
If it’s the case, please explain what problem you have with CallContext.

My problem that i cann’t pass CallContext from my generated service proxy, Have you any idea how to pass it to the Service from generated proxy classes?

Why not? Do you mean that the method of the proxy class doesn’t have an argument of type CallContext? If so, you should have said that.
If you have some other, you really have tell us what it is. We can’t just guess it.

Silverlight generates a proxy file contains a Class called CallContext, I have created an object from it and i want to pass it to my Service but I don’t know which object/method will use this callcontext

Start with looking at which operation of which service you want to call. I can’t tell you that; I don’t know what you want.
This has nothing to do with AX; it’s the same for any SOAP service.

thank you,Martin
I will seaech for it more