I.T service ticketing module in AX

We are planing the IT service or ticketing will be put in the AX Dynamic. but we didn’t know what module in AX dynamic

What is your AX version? Are you talking about providing the service to customers or getting services from a vendors?

Our AX version is 2012 R3, im refering to all user in our company who’s use AX system sometime they have issue in AX and need to track or monitor all problem. like ticketing system they will send issue or problem then we will open all pending issue or will notify in our email.

You can use case management, technet.microsoft.com/…/hh242147.aspx

nice thank for your help here i saw the SLA… but how to configure the case category

Try searching in Technet,

How about the Service level agreement how to configure this one… I try to check on the technet still no result.

You can find it under Service management module.
Service management → setup → service agreements.

Hi Sir… how about the workflow in case? how to setup the workflow in case meaning to say do you have example to setup this workflow i dont have any idea… thank for your help

Sorry, I don’t have any example.
If you have the general experience in setting up the workflows in AX, then you may be able to do it by yourself. technet.microsoft.com/…/hh242927.aspx

Hi Kranthi

how about the setup of auto email when the cases created like notification

You can set up an alert rule with email notification.
Case details also as the email id on it to send the follow up email.

where can i setup this?

Do you mean the alert rule? If so, please see this. technet.microsoft.com/…/aa497014.aspx