I need to trace the serial numbers of parent item and need to display in the report in AX 2012

Hi All,

I posted the invoice of one sales order with item “FG-0001” and sales qty “1” with serial number “NS-001”.

Actually i produced serial number “NS-001” from production order - P-00001, posted the production picking list with serial numbers of different items

Item Id Qty Serial Number

A 1 A-001

B 1 A-002 -this serial number again produced from seperate production order by posting the production picking list.

Item Id Qty Serial Number

C 1 B-001

D 1 B-002

In the report of against the serial number i need to display the production picking list serial numbers.


Item Id Qty Serial Number

FG-0001 1 NS-001

Component Serial Numbers

Item Id Serial Number

A A-001

B A-002

C B-001

D B-002

Please help is there any base class can i call into the report,