I need to set our Sales Quote Form...

So it does NOT look at Credit Limits of the customers…

Hi Jeff and welcome to forum,

In Sales Setup you can choose between different Credit warning levels or no warnings at all, but these are “global” to all documents. If you need to exclude only SQ - a modification can be done, but you can’t reach your goal by means of some Setup(s).

You were extremely laconic in your question [:D] - more detailed answer depends on who you are - an Enduser, a Developer at Partner company?

Our company is an enduser, We have a lot of mods for the Nav 4.0 and tweek it here and there as much as possible, however we use a master developer for large issues that involve coding licenses. By your response this Sounds like this will require coding.

Thank you… I am working towards getting a master developer license for this version … if even offered