I need some help with a report...

Hello! I’m making a report and now i’m at a dead stop cause i have no idea how to go on… Here’s the problem at the part where i have to print lines: Every line has it’s [G/L Account No.]. There are around 50 of these numbers so this has to be done automaticaly. Now what i have to do is somehow sort these lines by their [G/L Account No.] so that they are printed in an order - first lines with [G/L Account No.]=1 then those with [G/L Account No.]=2 etc. What follows is that for every group of [G/L Account No.] a SUM of amounts has to be calculated. If anyone has any ideas how to do this please help. Thanks in advance… lp Prosen

Hi Prosen, I hate to say this but you should read the Application Designer Guide. What you are trying to do is very well explained in there. You would get a lot more info than from a short reply here Cristi

hi Prosen Just try to set the DataItemTableView of the DataIitem, u will find the solution Hari

OK, thnx lp Prosen