I need a separate view of form in same database for two different company In NAV 2009?

I need a separate view of form in same database for two different company with the same master synchronization?

Please provide me information…Thanking you

Can you be more clear what type of form is it?

Why cant you create 2 separate forms?

Due to licence restriction i am unable to create two different forms.


Presenting data from 2 different tables (In SQL-level you have 1 table per Company) in same form in NAV, can only be achieved by creating a view on the SQL-level, where you do a UNION of 2 (or more) SELECTS.
Then you create a table in NAV to present your view, and finally create your form on your new table.

Have a look at this MSDN-article abt. linked objects in NAV2009

NB!!! Using linked objects can give you some “funny” headaches…
e.g. you can’t restore an FBK with objects, if the view isn’t already on the DB, wich it is not if it is an empty DB.

Never the less linked objects is the way to present data from multiple tables in same form.
(If it’s not a Main/sub-form thing you need)

What’s the cost of having more forms in your license?

Hi friend,

Can you try Hide & Show Tabs or Fields as per company. So that you can create single form in multiple looks.

If you solve your issue then Verify the Post.

And Pramod How to Do that ???

Dear Amol Sir,

Sorry to reply you late. Create Company Record Variable & using IF… ELSE you can show. See


IF cmp.Name = ‘ABC’ then begin








Tab1 & Tab2 is my two tab controls as per company I hide & Show required tabs.