I need a certain static method to be executed after a service operation SalesSalesPackingslipservice.create, how can I achieve that?

Is there any way that I can do that? For example, can I create a post event? I couldn’t find anything about this matter.

You can add pre or post event handlers for table methods/ class methods.

In your case you can add post event handler on SalesSalesPackingslipservice - > method → create

Right click -New Event Handler Subscription

Example you can find on
AOT-> Data Dictionary ->Tables ->InventTable ->Methods->mustConvertQty-> RFS_PostMustConvertQty

Event Handler “RFS_PostMustConvertQty” uses a method postMustConvertQuantity of class “RFS_InventTable”

sample pre/post methods

public static void postMustConvertQuantity(XppPrePostArgs _args)
if (xSession::isCLRSession())

Hint : Through args you can get object if it is class and record if its a table

For detail description on Eventing, please have a look on below link