i messed up a form...help please

i’m a vs.net programmer. however, my boss wanted me to see if i could fix a navision program. we have several customers using navision, so i thought i would use what looked like an exact form to fix another database…i went to: sales & receivables orders did object designer selected form 573 and copied it…deleted the one in the other database and pasted the new 573 in its place… now when i go to orders and select a new sell-to customer, and hit tab, i get this same little virticle screen…but when i select ‘balance amount’ or ‘overdue amount’ i get this error message: “the form does not recognize the control 1”… can anyone help me?? thanks, Trint

Is that error the very same you try to fix? What happens if you try to compile the object (Form 573) ? You say “select”, is that simply putting one of those flowfields in focus or are u trying to drill’em down?

I think that whenever Navision opens a form, it will search for a control with ID of 1 and set the focus on it. Because it cannot find it, it shows you this error message. All you have to do is open the form and set the ID on a control (any appropriate control) to 1. I tried this just to check and it only seems to apply to Navision Financials and not Attain. Regards, Edward.

Oh, I just re read your message as well and the cause is probably because you copied and pasted objects from one place to another. Its probably better to select the required objects and do file → export to save the objects. Then on the other database do file → import to bring them back in.

Open the form in design mode → check the id of table box control. In the base database, the id of this control is “1”. Try to give the same ID, u may not face the error. Cheers