I have to take the Gateway test...got any insight?

As a .net programmer, I’m not really excited about taking the Navision Gateway test because I’m unfamiliar. I haven’t taken the time to really prepare for this test the way I should…Can someone give me info on how to do an over-night-cram for this test? Does anyone have any recomendations or short-cuts for me? Thanks, Trint

As I asked before m8. What the h… is a Navision Gateway test? What is it about, tell me that and I’ll tell you what you should know! :wink:

The Gateway test is the first test for someone familiarizing themselves with Navision. Typically people refer me to the Navision Attain Overview 3.60

Not knowing what the test is either, I would have to say that if people have referred you to the Overview material, read it or if you haven’t got it, get hold of a copy of it. Best of luck

I know in the US, about 1-2 years ago they restructered our certification paths. They added a self study test called Gateway to Navision. It is self study, then the test can be taken at any authorized testing center. It is now required for ANY beginning training with Navision. I looked at the material to see what it was and it looks like it is sort of a Enterprise lite. Touches briefly on just about everything that is covered in Enterprise class. Being that I haven’t been bored enough to sit down and read the entire training material, I could be a little off on the content.