I have to go ...

Bye to all, it was a nice time here, but my chief doesn’t see any afford of my work in this forum. He doesn’t accept that we have learned a lot about navision here.

A joke??? This can’t be true … !!!

[:0] I don’t know how many times I have told my boss about the great tips & tricks I have learned here and how many hours of work this has saved me. And vice versa, my boss has asked me on several occasions to “ask the forum” when we needed some esoteric piece of information… This is simply an outrage! [}:)]

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve solved a query by doing a quick search on this site. Navision is notorious for not having sufficient documentation - this is probably the most complete user/developer/implementor guide for the product you will see!

I’m disgusted [V] For Christmas you should buy your boss Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451”, maybe he’ll see the light…

Only one thing to do: Leave Innecken and find another place to work. That’s what I would do!

that’s right Pieter, there is a major lack of good Navision developers and consultants, that won’t be different in Germany. Find yourself another employer who does see the advances!

All of the team with my employer have just one website access: THIS ONE. This is the only way to stay current and sort Navision problems sitting in this part of the world!!. Block this and the turnaround time for any error simply multiplies.

Well known: The boss is the richest people in a company, not the more clever one. Can’t you surf with a mobile or something?[8)]

So, you think I’m stupid :wink: