I have getting error when posting Closing Year entries

Getting Error while posting General Journal of Closing Year.

All lines Posting Date, Document No. & Document Type same and Currency is also same. Balance is also 0. But I get below error.

Please help me out this

Total balance must be 0 in the journal to post please check of the total is 0

Errormessage tells you that the that it does not balance with 0 - You need to fix that in order to post the journal.

You could press CTRL+E and transfer it to Excel and do a pivot to se if it balance pr. Document No/Posting Date.

If you are not an accounting person then STOP - and ask someone with more Accounting skills to fix the problem!

I have exported this in excel and this journal lines Document No, Document Type and Posting Date are same and also amount and amount LCY column sum is 0, But still giving me this error. It is any customization problem because before me they customized in CU13 on postingnoSeries???

Have you tried clearing out this journal, and recreating it? Are there any filters set that are deleted when posting? There can be a few issues with close income statement, however ususally you don’t get this blatant kind of an error message. Palle’s advice is a good one, BTW.

Thanks all for the responses. We have customization marking only current line and then posting. I have changed this and marked all using code. That error not appeared now But I have getting other error for decimal points.

Document No. CFY17 is out of balance by -0.003.

I have export this in excel, but it sum equals to 0. and also Amount field decimal places is 2.