I have few basic doubts ,please let me know the answers

Dear all,

I have few basic doubts which i am sending across, please let me know the answers .

1…What methods in the table included a map, will be automatically exposed by methods in the map?
2. Cluster index use?
3. Which sys file is used to integrate Axapta DLL
4.In Constructor Controlled Inheritance, all inheritors must extend the following class.

  1. what is important while importing objects
  2. When needing a report showing the name of an invoiced customer and the IDs of the invoiced items, which table(s) must be used

7.Which information can be retrieved using the System monitoring form? (Please select TWO responses)


B2B Team.

Hi B2B team.

I can share some of my experience about point 5. (Ax ).

When you importing objects, I will recommend you to compare the code of the new object and the existing object. You can find if the different is really what you want. And find out who else changed the object if more than 1 programmer in your team.

Also I found sometime menu item didn’t imported while I import the project via 3 tier, in this case you may want to import the project via 2 tier.

Hope this may helps.


Wilson Tang

I think that menuItems don’t get imported, because they didn’t get included into the project in the first place.
This sometimes happens when you create them in the project itself

So it is usually recommended to create a menuItem in the AOT and then drag and drop it into the project.

Are you preparing for an exam on Programming? It sure seems that way based on the last question :slight_smile:

Well, here is what I can help you with:

  1. I don’t understand what you mean by this - neither do the rest of the crew, I think. Please explain further what you need.

  2. The Cluster indices are used to speed up query performance which is based on a filter on the field in the index. They are build in a different way (the pages are split in a different way in the index - I don’t remember the technical details right now, and I don’t think you are really interested in that). But you should try to use the primary index, that allow no duplicates as a cluster index. (look at CustTable for example - the AccountIdx index is set as Cluster there)

  3. What do you mean by this? Do you want to call a DLL function from axapta, or call axapta from a different application? To do the first, you can check out the WinAPI class- it has plenty of examples. The second - search for a VBA code example of loging on to Axapta - it is a basic and easy code.

  4. Don’t understand what you mean. if you extend the BASE class, then you can overload its methods to add your own logic in them. If you don’t the base class methods will be used. Or are you asking about something else?

  5. see above

  6. CustInvoiceJour and CustInvoiceTrans - the CustName can be displayed via a display method, or by adding the CustTable to the mentioned two. (the form showing the customer invoices is CustInvoiceJournal)

  7. The System Monitor Form can be used to view the number and types of Database calls, system performance and server traffic. (sorry, didn’t have where to select from). :slight_smile: You can find this form under Service\Development Tools