I get this Error in NAV


I am having this error in the Asset Maintenance Module . Can any one please help on this ?


The MA Procedure Fixed Asset already Exists.

Identification fields and Values:

Asset No: CC MA Procedure Code: DD -33 Fixed Usage Value: '‘20,250’


I tried to block that procedure but that wont help

Thank you for help

Check whether that particular asset already exist in master ??

Thanks Amol !

Ya you are right its already in the master but I cant see it on work order lines .Can i delete that asset and create it again or do you have any idea how to make it appear on work order line.


You can select it again on Work order lines.

There is no Option to select that particular order in the work order lines but I think i am left with the option to delete the work order in the master table and Create it again.

or How do I select it in work order line ?

Delete the work order and create it again.

Thank you Amol the problem is resolved